Monday, 12 March 2007

"Client-side technologies" next stop, please get ready for arrival.

Next class will begin to talk about technologies, which makes me feel embarrassed because I don't know much about it even I used to be a programmer for short time.

During my programming time, I never do the whole thing by myself which made me no concept about whole system and lost opportunities to touch wider technologies, for example, during the development process of projects, I have chance to touch XML, but just build up the tree, and the rest work is due to Java programmer to finish building the whole web page; I have chance to use visual c++, which is quite difficult language and original programming platform, but I just use it to build UI and get commands from others.

I don't like coding, it is so boring.

The technical abilities that I have got are not deeply and not widely, and I want to learn wider and wider technologies which can help me upgrade to manager, or CEO, or.... but not programmer, ha!

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