Tuesday, 6 March 2007

First stop - "Restaurant"

Today, I kept the relationship between restaurant and Internet world in my mind, because it's very interesting. It provides me another angle to recognize Internet, very vividly.

On the other hand, I also kept a question in my mind: how does client communicate with other clients, directly or indirectly? have to use servers to deliver or not?



Minjae Lee said...


My name is Minjae and I am in your DMT class.

Just regarding your comment about how clients talk to each other...

Firstly, there is no need for a server to exist between two clients.

Two clients or hosts can talk directly to each other being connected with either a wire or wireless connection.

They can also be indirectly connected through different kinds of devices. (e.g a Router that routes or directs data packets from one host to another host)

** A router is a computer that is used to direct data packets to the right way according their logical addresses such as IP address.

rainbow_bag said...

Hi, Minjae, thanks a lot for your explanation about the communication between client. I have this question just because I, being a client, couldn't find any client easily and the address of the clients or hosts are dynamic which always change, so I think there must be some differences between services and clients. Thus, I will find it:)